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Farzana Yaqoob


Farzana Yaqoob is an Eisenhower Fellow. She has served as the Minister for
Women Development and Social Welfare in the Azad Jammu and Kashmir
Government. Her areas of expertise are conflict and gender empowerment. She
has worked on conflict resolutions and climate change mitigation strategies for
Kashmir. She is the Chairperson at YH Group of Companies (Pakistan, UAE).
She is the President for Buddha Kheva Philanthropic Sustainability Centre. She
is the Founding Member & Chairperson at Yaqoob Khan Foundation. She is also
the head of a think tank, Asian Strategic Review.
Farzana Yaqoob represents the next generation leadership of South Asia. Being a youth, social activist &
entrepreneur from Azad Jammu & Kashmir, she believes in humanity and striving for justice. She strived to
justify her belief after winning the trust of people of Azad Jammu and Kashmir, and then serving as Minister for Social Welfare & Women Development in 2011. She developed the Azad Jammu and Kashmir State
Policy Framework for the Empowerment of Women. In the year 2014 she established the separate
directorate of Women Development to empower the women of AJ&K.
She is considered to be one of the most thought provoking leaders in the region on issues of conflict,women empowerment and social security networks. She is in the process of documenting the various forms of Conflicts around the world and suggestions for the respective policy makers for conflict resolution through a mutual consensus building approach. She is a frequent speaker at national and international forums.

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